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5 Issues the Mobile Device Industry Needs to Solve, Pronto

Asset Science develops diagnostics tools that manufacturers, technicians, retailers and even end users can use to check mobile phone functionality and performance. John Sheeran, the company’s CEO, asserts that the best quality checks are those that simulate actual use. “To reduce the number of faulty units sold, we need to be testing the devices thoroughly, in […]

5 Tips for Minimizing Product Returns This Holiday Season

Vet and diagnose on location. Returning products to suppliers adds additional strain to the returns process. A smart solution is to take the logistics element out of the equation by offering hands-on, comprehensive product service in your store. You’ll need to invest in tools and know-how, but fixing items might be less heavy on resources […]

How Project Teams Can Improve QA Testing

How do team processes impact the quality of deliverables? “Unless the (quality assurance) process is well designed, clearly explained, and followed, there is an opportunity to allow faults to slip through,” said John Sheeran, CEO of mobile device testing company Asset Science. He recommended that teams conduct continual process reviews to adherence and random audits […]

Asset Science is attending Mobile World Congress Americas 2017.

Asset Science is exhibiting at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017. We’ll be in San Francisco from September 12th to 14th for Mobile World Congress Americas 2017. This is one of the largest mobile industry events of its kind, and we’re excited to be involved because we’ve got some big news. We can’t wait to show […]

Android Go

“Android Go” will strip Android down for ultra-low-budget phones MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Starting with Android 4.4, Google began to support a “low RAM” flag for devices with 512MB of memory. The low-RAM configuration changes how the OS and supported apps work, with the goal of reducing resource usage. That initiative was called “Project Svelte,” and it […]

New Qualcomm Chips

New Qualcomm Chips Boost Performance of Lower-Cost Mobile Devices o new chip platforms coming out from Qualcomm Technologies will deliver a variety of improved performance features previously offered only by higher-end processors, the company said yesterday. The Snapdragon 630 and 660 mobile chip platforms are designed to provide better photo and video quality, faster LTE […]

Windows phone is dead

Yep, it’s dead: Microsoft phone revenue fell to $5m last quarter, from $1.4bn two years ago If you’ve been expecting Microsoft to issue a press release formally announcing the end of its Windows phone business, you’re probably hoping for a bit too much. But make no mistake: its phone hardware business is dead. RIP-dead. Send-flowers-dead. […]

Apple iPhone 9 – Some Cool Features In Future iPhones

Apple iPhone 9 – Some Cool Features In Future iPhones It’s always fun to discuss future technologies, and although we can predict in which way some of the future Apple products might go, that can always turn to the other side, and there is a dose of uncertainty. So, what will Apple’s smartphones look like […]