Podcast: Asset Science automates the asset rating process with consistent results

Carriers and wholesale companies that deal with consistent results with tens of thousands of phones and pads or dealers that handle a thousand a month need to be able to handle device problems at the service desk as well as for exchange. Catherine Sharp-Aouchiche, Marketing Director and Philip Dalton, Enterprises Sales team up to provide a very good overview of the company and how they take care of their customer’s customers.

Consistent results: This is one area of the telephony business that does not get much visibility but can be devastating to the bottom line and customer experience. When customers come in not knowing what is wrong with their device and you provide professional evaluation of their phone/pad pinpointing the real problem and fixing it in minutes, you saved time, reduced costs and turned a bad experience into a very positive one while increasing brand loyalty.

When you need to know what is going on with every button and every feature of a device, there is no better software to use than that provided by Asset Science.  They have technology that will streamline your evaluation process and provide consistent rating results.

For the Executive: Asset Science dashboards are designed to provide most of the day-to-day analytics without requiring input. It delivers insight to progress, spots ‘bubbles’ in the pipeline and allows rapid action for any issues, balance loads improve the process and meet targets.

For the Floor Manager: Asset Science role-based access dashboards give managers the essential consistent results at a glance. The graphs show trends indicators instantly and will show any production line problems or tendencies. Their dashboards show ‘what you need to know’ in real time performance as well as trends. A manager can drill down to the department, team or operator level.

Asset Science has joined the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), the organization that represents the US wireless communications industry.

Catherine Sharp-Aouchiche, Asset Science’s Marketing Director, says, “Our relationship with the CTIA’s working groups gives us an opportunity to advocate for the causes dear to us and we’re honoured to be a part of this community. We look forward to playing an active role building a bright future for the U.S. wireless industry.”

The CTIA advocates for legislative and regulatory policies, brings the industry together to build best practices and tackle cross-industry challenges. As the voice of its members, the CTIA builds awareness amongst policy makers and the general public on issues from cybersecurity to 5G.

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