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Electronic Waste

e-Waste Electronic waste or e-waste describes used electronics devices which are destined for reuse, resale, recycling or disposal. But what happens then? Everybody knows about recycling glass, cans, plastic and paper, but what about electronics?  E-waste frequently includes unwanted pieces of equipment and used batteries that shouldn’t be treated as regular garbage because they may pose an environmental […]

Repairing your electronics devices. A right you can take for granted?

Every year devices are becoming increasingly more complex and expensive. Manufacturers have established a system where practically the only means to repair a device, or obtain repair parts, would be through one of their authorized vendors, raising issues around the consumer’s right to repair their goods.   Many companies claim to have adopted this approach […]

Podcast: Asset Science automates the asset rating process with consistent results

Carriers and wholesale companies that deal with consistent results with tens of thousands of phones and pads or dealers that handle a thousand a month need to be able to handle device problems at the service desk as well as for exchange. Catherine Sharp-Aouchiche, Marketing Director and Philip Dalton, Enterprises Sales team up to provide […]

Asset Science at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018

GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas 2018, Los Angeles, is here and Asset Science is a proud exhibitor for second year in a row. Like last year, it will be a great opportunity to meet prospective partners, industry influencers, and people who share our goal of using technology to enhance the consumer experience. From the mobile […]

Asset Science recognized by ADISA for excellence in data erasure

Asset Science announced today that its data erasure solution has been certified by the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance (ADISA) organisation, based in the UK.  Widely considered to be the highest standard for data erasure for solid-state circuitry (SSC) as used in today’s mobile devices, ADISA confirmed that Asset Science’s solution effectively renders data […]

Asset Science signs up to the CTIA

Asset Science has joined the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), the organization that represents the US wireless communications industry. Catherine Sharp-Aouchiche, Asset Science’s Marketing Director, says, “Our relationship with the CTIA’s working groups gives us an opportunity to advocate for the causes dear to us and we’re honoured to be a part of this community. […]