Google Nexus to Pixel

Google Pixel phone listings go live early, offer new press images

Nearly everything about Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL has leaked in some form or another, but a few more tidbits on the eve of the product launch can’t hurt. Carphone Warehouse went live with a product listing a little early for the Pixel and Pixel XL, giving us lots of new images and a dubious spec list.

The press images definitely look like an official Google production and present the Pixel and Pixel XL (which look identical) in all their glory, and they really look like iPhones.
The pictures give us a good look at the sides and the bottom speaker arrangement, which we really haven’t seen before. Also interesting is a shot promoting Google Allo and Duo, which seems to indicate that they will be packed-in apps. Will the Pixels also include Hangouts?

Carphone Warehouse lists some specs along with the phones, but some items seem to be inaccurate. It lists the Snapdragon 821 CPU as running at 2.1GHz, which has to be wrong since a Snapdragon 821 is just a Snapdragon 820 running at 2.4GHz. The listing also shows a microSD slot, but people in the know, like Android Police’s David Ruddock, have said the item is a mistake.

The rest of the specs should be taken with a grain of salt given the above errors, but they line up with what the rumors have been saying for months. Both devices are listed in storage variants of 32GB and 128GB, with no in-between 64GB option. The dimensions are new: The Pixel is listed at 143.8mm x 69.5mm x 8.6mm with a weight of 143 grams, while the Pixel XL clocks in at 154.7mm x 75.7mm x 8.6mm and a weight of 168 grams.
The devices will also come with Android 7.1, which is a bit of a mystery, but we’ll find out more when we get Google’s official take on the Pixel and Pixel XL in less than 24 hours.

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