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Microsoft Ends Sales Of All Lumia Windows 10 Mobile Devices

Microsoft Ends Sales Of All Lumia Windows 10 Mobile Devices From Microsoft Store

It looks as though we’ve come to the end of the road for Microsoft’s Lumia smartphone family. Microsoft has stopped selling the Windows 10 Mobile smartphones via the Microsoft Store, and there’s little chance that they will be restocked.
Earlier this year, during the launch of the Lumia 650, Microsoft made it clear that it would be the last Lumia device introduced. And over the course the past few months, we’ve see reports that Lumia production was in fact winding down.

According to a new report, the following Windows 10 Mobile devices are now out of stock from the Microsoft Store:

Acer Liquid Jade Primo Bundle – Unlocked
AT&T – Microsoft Lumia 640 XL
AT&T – Microsoft Lumia 950
Microsoft Lumia 550 – Unlocked
Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM – Unlocked
Microsoft Lumia 950 – Unlocked
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL – Unlocked
Verizon – Microsoft Lumia 735
It should be noted that these smartphones might still be available from third-party retailers or wireless carriers, but chances are that they too will not restock the phones once supplies run out. In addition, there are a few Windows 10 Mobile phones still available to purchase from the Microsoft Store, although you’ll either have to the budget route (with the Acer Liquid M330) or spend big bucks on a device like the $799 HP Elite x3.

However, Microsoft’s current non-committal to its own hardware would make plunking down $800 on a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone seem ill-advised at this point. And Microsoft’s shrinking share of the smartphone market (currently under 1 percent) also doesn’t instill confidence.

With that being said, Microsoft is reportedly working on a Surface Phone to replace the Lumia line and the company has worked feverishly to allow Qualcomm Snapdragon processors to natively run Windows 10. So, things could get interesting on the mobile front for Microsoft later in 2017, but for now, the company is in no man’s land.

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