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How Project Teams Can Improve QA Testing

How do team processes impact the quality of deliverables?

“Unless the (quality assurance) process is well designed, clearly explained, and followed, there is an opportunity to allow faults to slip through,” said John Sheeran, CEO of mobile device testing company Asset Science. He recommended that teams conduct continual process reviews to adherence and random audits to help ensure the QA process is as efficient as possible.

To increase quality, Sheeran said the following should exist :

  • A clear understanding that quality drives quantity and that it is worth the time to ensure quality in order to deliver on volume with the most efficiency and less cost

  • Processes that are well-documented, understood by operators and enforced by leadership

  • Real-time reporting and a clear feedback loop, which helps drive quality; enable issues to be addressed in real time, and prevent rework or returns due to poor delivery.

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