Samsung will give former Note 7 owners $100 to buy another Samsung phone

Samsung is giving former owners of the Galaxy Note 7 a little money for their trouble, but you’ll get a lot more money if you decide to exchange your potentially explosive device for another Samsung phone. As announced in a press release today, Samsung will give customers $25 in credit on top of their full refund if they want to exchange their Note 7 for a phone from another manufacturer, and “up to” $100 in credit in addition to the refund if they exchange it for “any Samsung smartphone.”

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (which, as the company is currently reminding users, have not been recalled) are its next most recent flagships and are probably the best choice for people who want a replacement and don’t want to switch brands. Last year’s Galaxy Note 5 is also still for sale from many carriers and retailers, and while it’s a step down in many ways, it still has the same size screen and S Pen support.

Samsung has significantly lowered its profit forecast for the quarter thanks to recall costs and lost sales of the Note 7—down to about $4.6 billion from about $6.8 billion. This looks like just a small drop in the bucket next to the company’s $70 billion pile of cash, but the damage done to its reputation may be harder to deal with.

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